Matthew Abrams is OUTSTANDING!

Matthew Abrams was the attorney for a independent feature film I produced and directed. I could not have completed the project without his dedication to making sure we handled all the legal obligations. More importantly the film would not have gotten the distribution deal we got if it weren't for him taking care of all the SAG agreements, music licenses, and contracts. Matthew is reliable, patient, ethical, knowledgeable, and dedicated. He is an absolute please to work with and I highly recommend utilizing him for your legal needs.

- Billy


Extremely Knowledgeable Landlord Law

It has been a pleasure working with Matt from day 1. He has helped my property management company grow and avoid potential risks. My company specializes in renting to young and first time renters and Matt has done an excellent job helping train my staff to handle landlord tenant situations with care and most importantly legally.

Matt is extremely responsive and thorough with every question or situation we have thrown his way. I am very happy with the service and contracts he has provided for me and my company. I will continue to recommend him to my colleagues.

- Rebecca


Highly Recommended

As a tenant in Los Angeles, I felt that my safety and security had been violated by my landlord and I sought out Mr. Abrams for consultation on landlord/tenant law. The stress I was enduring was immediately relieved as soon as I spoke to Mr. Abrams on the phone. He had genuine empathy for my situation and was extremely patient and knowledgable, offering a realistic course of action to reach a solution. Mr. Abrams was responsive, reliable, trustworthy and comforting every step of the way and the outcome was extremely successful! My matter was handled swiftly and respectfully, and I received everything I was hoping for out of the dispute.

I highly recommend Mr. Abrams for anyone who is facing a difficult legal situation and needs guidance from an expert who knows the law and can help you take the necessary action to wholly resolve your issue. He is truly a pleasure to work with and rely on. Thank you Mr. Abrams for being in my corner and providing exactly what I was seeking and in need of! I am sincerely grateful.

- Sarah


So Supportive and Always Available

I was referred to Matt from another attorney because of a dispute I was having with my landlord and his management company. This was a very stressful situation for me, as I felt like I was being bullied by both the management company and the landlord, but Matt made the whole situation bearable. We spoke throughout the day and he was always available to discuss new developments and give me the best advice and help reassure me of the next steps. Because of him I was able to come to an agreement with the landlord and settle out of court. I have already recommended him to other tenants and I would recommend him to any one else who is having a landlord tenant dispute because of his knowledge, patience and attention to detail.


I recommend Matthew for landlord-tenant matters.

Matthew has represented me on a landlord-tenant matter for the past several months, and I am very happy with the work he has done. I hired Matthew to help me negotiate with my landlord regarding uninhabitable conditions in my home; The conditions were having a significant impact on my health, and my home was becoming unbearable to live in. Since Matthew became involved, my home has become a safer and more livable environment. Matthew is diligent, articulate, and keeps me well informed about my case. I highly recommend Matthew for any landlord-tenant issues that you might have.

- Doctor David


An Honest Attorney That Cares

Matt is pensive, patient, a good listener. Matt has the perfect temperament to help someone who is stressed or scared… Matt thinks about the angles, avenues & arguments that both sides can use… Also important, I feel that Matt lets me know what he honestly thinks (not just what I want to hear). 

I'm a Tenant & I was going through an eviction (a ridiculous, unfair case), I had already hired a “factory” Law Firm, and I wasn’t getting the best representation or a reasonable amount of access to speak with my Attorneys. 

I stumbled upon Matt’s profile here on Avvo – I knew of Matt through a social organization, but we didn’t know each other on any substantive level. 

Matt became something of my Legal Consultant. To Matt, I brought questions, potential legal strategies, civil codes that might apply to my case and we were/are in talks about a potential Breach of Contract Law Suit. I was able to use my conversations with Matt to more effectively communicate with my Attorneys. Also, Matt helped me gain some perspectives, which assisted me with my decisions... 

... And perhaps most importantly to me, through it all, Matt showed me that he is the kind of person & lawyer that CARES.

- Nicholas


I have a Bad landlord. But I also have a Great lawyer.

I found Mr. Abrams on this site upon doing a search for landlord/ tenant lawyers. 
I called on a Saturday thinking I would leave a message however, he answered and was kind enough to listen to my concerns for an hour. Thereafter, Mr. Abrams told me he was willing to take my case. He was very honest with my position and explained the law as it pertains to my situation. He has exceeded my expectations, in that he negotiated a settlement on my behalf in a short period of time. Doing this seemed impossible with this extremely difficult landlord/realtor though Mr. Abrams manages to continue to protect my rights with dignity and efficiency. Beyond the settlement he has provided me a sense of security as I am still living on the property. Mr. Abrams' guidance and knowledge on how and when to respond to challenging situations has yielded the best possible outcome. 
Some of the issues involved are: inhabitable conditions, excessive and illegal entries, and retaliation. 
I highly recommend Mr. Abrams. He is very dedicated to his work and clients.

- Nicole